Sunday, 11 October 2015

Paleo + Fitness = Paleo Fitness?

07:20 Posted by Dhaval
you might say that it's "nutrient­dense whole foods," or a "biologically appropriate way of eating." If you get pinned down, you might be forced to boil the answer down to "fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, meats and healthy fats," but would then have to follow up with the caveat "unless you're avoiding nightshades," or "maybe dairy is okay for you, but that would be 'primal."' The bottom line is that affixing a tidy little definition to Paleo is difficult. As most longtime followers of Paleo know, Paleo is actually a nuanced, personal and malleable way of eating, moving and living, and one that lends itself better to long conversations than quick, canned answers.

Paleo fitness

Another word that is difficult to define is "fitness." Is fitness strength? Is fitness endurance? Is fitness the ability to do one thing exceedingly well or the ability to do a lot of things moderately well? From an evolutionary perspective, "fitness" refers to the ability to pass along your genes, in which case, living past 25 has very little to do with "fitness." For most of us, however, maintaining vibrant health well into our twilight years is the very definition of "fitness." Once again, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to take into account individual goals, predilections and circumstances, both genetic and environmental, as well as the personal paradigms that shape behavior and mental attitudes.

After reading all of this, you might think we're crazy to tackle something called "Paleo Fitness." If two words are hard to define on their own, you can only imagine what happens when you combine them! Luckily, we see this as an exciting opportunity rather than an insurmountable obstacle, and the simple fact that you, one of our very first readers, made the point to download this publication and take the time to read it tells us that we are not the only ones interested in exploring the fertile territory "Paleo Fitness" provides.

As we see it, Paleo Fitness isn't just running around barefoot and bare-chested in the deep forest, banging out a brutal CrossFit WOD, or biohacking our way into single-digit body fat percentages. Our vision of Paleo Fitness is one that is equally at home in the woods, CrossFit box or biohacker's lair as it is in your local Gold's Gym. Can a biceps curl be "Paleo"? Why the heck not? Maybe having big arms confers a reproductive advantage-that would certainly fit the evolutionary model. Just as the Paleo diet takes into account individual goals, so does Paleo Fitness, but that doesn't imply a free-for-all, either.

Doing a workout simply because the biggest guy in your gym does it, taking a supplement without doing your research, or checking your brain at the door is not Paleo Fitness. This is a thinking person's approach that implies careful consideration before action. At the end of it all, Paleo Fitness is a lens through which any situation can be perceived.

As you read through this issue, you will see the diversity of content that typifies Paleo Fitness. Whether it is "Separating 'Fat Burner' Fact From Fiction," "The Principles of Sitting and Standing," "6 Muscle-Building Rules for women fat loss" or "The Only Equipment Is YOU: Bodyweight Basics With Al Kavadlo," you will find new perspectives on old themes, old ways to do new things, and in every case, a thoughtful, reasoned approach that puts you in the driver's seat of your own Paleo Fitness destiny.