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Looking for an ideal paleo diet meal plan?

02:07 Posted by Dhaval
The paleo diet meal plan is essentially an "all-you-can-eat" diet of healthful, natural foods. When served up on a plate, a typical Paleo diet plan consists of unlimited vegetables – the more color and variety you have on your plate the better – a meat portion that’s around the size of the palm of your hand, and an appropriate amount of fat for cooking or for garnishing.

Eating "all you want" sounds too good to be true but Paleo meal are so satisfying that overeating is never an issue. When you eat meal that are high in protein and natural fat, you feel satisfied at the end of every meal and you stay satisfied for much longer between meals compared to when eating a conventional diet of higher carb meal. There’s certainly no calorie counting when aiming to lose weight on a this diet, and there’s no "starvation" required as you simply eat whenever you’re hungry!

paleo diet meal plan

Classic paleo diet meal plan

Switching from a conventional diet to a Paleo diet often means changing the way you think about meal, and the foods you "traditionally" eat at certain times of day in particular. For example, in many parts of the world a traditional breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal with milk followed by a slice of toast with a sugary spread, and a traditional lunch might be a sandwich on the go or a pasta dish with crusty bread on the side. Going with paleo breakfast means breaking those habitual eating patterns and embracing a new approach to fuelling your body.

Typical Paleo breakfast foods

Starting your day with meat on your plate rather than toast may seem strange at first but those who make the switch report feeling physically and mentally ready for the day ahead and no longer trapped in a cycle of bouncing from one sugary snack to another to keep them going until lunch. The following breakfast recipes are only the very tip of the iceberg in terms of popular Paleo choices.

Eggs – fried in bacon fat or made into a nutritious omelet with herbs of your choice.
Bacon – served with eggs or in an omelet.
Pancakes – made from almond flour and served with fruit.
Fruit salad – made with berries when in season.
Fruit smoothie – made with coconut milk and fruits of your choice or add vegetables to kick
start your day with a nutrient-packed green smoothie.

Typical Paleo lunch foods

Once again, the following suggestions are simply a few ideas to get your mouth watering! The possibilities are virtually endless and limited only by your time restraints at lunchtime.

Soup – how about Thai chicken soup, vegetable gazpacho, or bacon and parsnip soup to name a few?
Frittata – made with sweet potato and ingredients of your choice; how about zucchini, onion, or bacon and spinach to name a few?
Salad – with everything from a crisp Waldorf salad to a duck and pomegranate salad, there are hundreds of nutritious paleo salad combinations. Hot salads with chicken or bacon are also delicious alternatives.

Typical Paleo evening meal foods

The variety of meals that can be made quickly and easily using only Paleo foods is enormous, and you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to cook up delicious meals that suit every taste when you are using naturally flavor-some, fresh and organic produce,  few examples:

Stir fries – how about spicy shrimp, chili beef, tomato and egg, or chicken and pesto to name just a few?
Fish dishes – for example; baked salmon, grilled trout, crab cakes, or sardines wrapped in bacon.
Curried dishes – for example; chicken, shrimp, beef, or cauliflower with bacon and cashew nut curry.
Stews – beef, pork and chicken all make hearty stews, and how about a seafood stew, or lamb or venison?
Meat dishes – everything from shepherd’s pie made with sweet potatoes through steak and eggs to roast duck or chicken. There are literally hundreds of options!
Side dishes – vegetables fill the biggest portion of your Paleo plate but vegetable dishes need never be boring; how about roasted beets with walnut vinaigrette, spicy cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts with bacon?

And Paleo Desserts!

Paleo dieters with a sweet tooth can also enjoy a variety of treats and desserts, including these tempting paleo diet desserts recipes:

Cookies and cakes – made of coconut or almond flour.
Pumpkin pie
Banana bread
Coconut ice cream