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Caveman diet food list to avoid

05:32 Posted by Dhaval Bhandari
There are some caveman diet food list that must be avoided when taking advantage of caveman diet. These foods include ones that clearly were not around back in the days of the caveman. There are also some foods that might have existed at the time but should still be avoided because they are not ones that might have been prepared for use in a natural manner.

You should particularly watch what you are doing with these foods because they are made with all sorts of harmful ingredients. These include several things that clearly were not around in the caveman days. You must make sure that you keep yourself under control and stay away from these harmful items in the diet.

caveman diet food list

Dairy Items

There were no procedures involving cultivating dairy products from animals in the Paleo era. This is because they weren’t being domesticated at this point in time, hence should't be part of your caveman diet fool list.

There’s also the problem with dairy items on today’s market being subjected to all sorts of abuses. Many items are heavily processed as they are prepared for consumption. There are also many items from animals that can be subjected to all sorts of hormones and artificial treatments just to try and get them to taste better.


The concern about grains is that they can contain gluten, a substance that is known to keep the body’s digestive system from working properly. There is also the concern about how a majority of grains in today’s society have been heavily altered with additives to get them all growing right.

You particularly have to avoid rye, barley and oats if you want to keep your diet going well. It’s also best to avoid corn from the caveman diet food list.

It’s especially important to understand that many of these grains are made with high carbohydrate contents. This could be harmful to your diet due to how they will make it harder for your body’s metabolic procedures to run well,


Sugars can be harmful because they will slow down the body’s ability to take advantage of its weight loss functions. They may even contain artificial materials that can weaken cells around the body. It’s especially the case for sugar substitutes that supposedly give you the taste of sugar without all of the health issues that come with actual sugar. Hence it's a total no no from the caveman diet food list, though we certainly wont stop you some from minimalist desserts.

Trans Fats

Trans fats are dangerous because they can be found in many foods that have been heated up to the point where molecules around their bodies will be changed to where the fats are going to cause damages to cells around the body. They can even introduce new free radicals into the body.

In addition, trans fats can cause cell membranes to weaken. This can damage the body and make it feel worn out.

You need to make sure that the foods that you eat do not have trans fats and that you prepare them the right way without adding trans fats. This is to keep you from suffering from the risks that come with them.


Legumes like peas, beans and peanuts can also be harmful. They can prevent the body from absorbing critical nutrients. They might also disrupt the body’s digestive system just like grains can. You have to avoid these in this diet. This is even in the event that you see some options that are made with safe organic materials in mind. They are still going to be tough for you to digest over time.

You should especially avoid kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans and even black beans from the caveman diet food list while on the diet. These are some of the more harmful kinds of peas that you might run into while eating.

Farm Fish

As mentioned earlier, fish are good for the Paleo diet plan. However, farmed fish are dangerous. Farmed fish are ones that were prepared in a farming environment where people commercially raise fish and treat them with different nutrients and substances in order to get them to spawn faster than what they might do while in the wild.

Products from fish farms can be dangerous because many of the products used in fish might contain traces of mercury. This could prove to be devastating to your diet. Therefore, you should stick with fish that has come from nature and not from a farm.

Certain Drinks

You have to be cautious when using different drinks on the diet. You have to avoid sugary drinks and drinks with sodium in them. These will end up causing bloating and fatigue.

It’s especially important to avoid alcohol during the diet. This includes all beer and wine products. Even “alcohol-free” products have to be avoided. These technically contain trace amounts of alcohol with the average alcoholic content by volume being less than one percent. It’s obviously safer than traditional alcoholic beverages but it still has alcohol nonetheless and therefore should be avoided.

Even “diet” drinks with zero calories or sugars should be avoided. The chemicals in the artificial sweeteners used in these drinks can be harmful to the body.

The Wrong Oils

While it is true that some oils can work while on the diet, there are also some oils that can prove to be dangerous on it. You need to avoid oils like sunflower oil, peanut oil, canola oil, soybean oil and even corn oil. Margarine and some shortening products like Crisco also have to be avoided while on the diet.

You have to be aware of these oils because they will come from some of the many foods that you clearly have to avoid. As mentioned earlier, you do have to avoid peanuts on the diet. Even the oils that come from peanuts can be just as harmful to your diet as the peanuts themselves. You have to be very cautious if you want to keep your body healthy and running well so you can stay healthy and focused.

Don’t Drink Your Food

You particularly need to avoid any kind of “meal replacement” food when getting on the diet. This can include something like a nutritional shake.

It’s true that these shakes and other replacement fluids can help you get nutrients. However, they also contain enzymes that might be hard for the body to use. They can also contain more sugars than what you can afford to use.

The most obvious thing about avoiding these is that they are drinks that were clearly not around in the caveman era. You have to focus on a more sensible approach to eating by working with actual food and not with something that claims to be a suitable replacement for whatever you are trying to eat.

Packaged Weight Loss Food

There’s always going to be the temptation out there to try packaged foods that promote weight loss. These are often prepared in things like bars, frozen meals and drinks. These might sound great but they can actually be tough to work with.

In addition to these not being real foods that were around back in the early days of man, the problem is that these foods are prepared with assorted preservatives, salt and chemicals to make them taste better and to keep them safe as they are being transported from one place to the next.

There’s also the issue of how the foods in question are boiled in order to keep them safe and sterile. This might make the foods easier to consume but it also makes it harder for the foods to have the right nutrients that you need for your weight loss goals. Therefore, you clearly have to avoid these foods if you want to actually get some kind of weight loss result out of your diet. This is in spite of the promises you’d hear when seeing what benefits you could be getting out of your meal plan.

Now that you know what you should and shouldn't be eating, you can get started on the next part of having success on the diet basics.