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Basic pointers to focus on paleo diet plan

02:16 Posted by Dhaval Bhandari

Foods for the Paleo Diet Plan

The problem with so many diets is that they involve several restrictions relating to what you can and cannot eat. These restrictions are very annoying and tough to live with but at the same time they must work in order to get a diet to run right. It’s especially problematic when you consider how some diets have extreme caloric restrictions or focus on only one food above all else that you could be using.

Fortunately, the Paleo diet plan involves a large variety of foods for you to choose from. You can take advantage of many foods in a large variety of categories. Here’s a look at some of the foods that you can use while you are on the Paleo diet plan. The choices you have proven that there’s something for just about everyone on this paleo diet plan. You don’t be easily bored when you are on it.

paleo diet plan


You can use a variety of meats in your diet. Beef, lamb, pork, sheep, rabbit and many others can be used here. These are all naturally occurring meats that should help you out with keeping your body healthy and under control.

You could even go along with organ meat if you want to. This can include such meat options as the kidney, heart or liver. You should probably avoid the brain due to its high cholesterol content but other than that the options you have for consuming animal organs are impressive to see.

These meats can also include proteins to keep your body healthy. Proteins are needed to make it easier for your body to build a healthy tone without adding more fat than needed. 

You can also use poultry in your paleo diet plan. This has less fat in it and might work well for you if you aren’t comfortable with some of the other meat-based options on the diet. You can go along with chicken, turkey or duck among many other poultry meats. 

These meats can all work provided that they are not impacted by anything that might add to caloric contents. These include things like salts, peppers, frying procedures and many others. The meat must be pure and unadulterated because that is practically what our ancestors would have eaten. Remember, you should avoid trying to eat anything that was prepared in a way that didn’t exist back then. 

It’s especially important to use grass-fed meat. Grain-fed meat can be harmful to your body. Grass-fed meat will be leaner and healthier for you to use. In fact, most types of organic meat products come from grass-fed sources. 

There are times where you might not be able to get this kind of meat though. Fortunately, you can always go with lean meat cuts while adding coconut oil or clarified butter to the mix. 

Remember, the key is to think about handling your meats with all sources in mind. These include meats from the air (chicken, duck, etc.), the land (lamb, pork, beef) and, as you will see in the earlier post, paleo diet basics.


Fish can be used in your paleo diet meal. It’s true that fish has some fats but these are healthier fats that have been found to help you out with weight loss needs. These include omega-3 and omega-6 oils. They are fats that are known to improve your body by keeping old toxins out and by removing old saturated fats that might have gotten into your body over the years. In fact, it can be easier to get these oils through fish than it might be to just use a simple supplement capsule.

You can go with all sorts of fish in your diet. These include fish like tuna, trout, salmon, cod, haddock, anchovies, herring and grouper.

You can also go along with shellfish. This is a kind of fish that is protected by a shell or other coating. You obviously have to remove the coating or shell in order to take advantage of it but the choices you have are amazingly varied. You can take in crab, lobster, shrimp and oyster options. 

This can work well but you should only go along with fish if you are not allergic to any fish-related products. You can stick with meats instead but the key is to think about your general health and how you will respond to fish if you want to go on this diet.


Eggs can work in your diet or even in your dessert recipes. These include eggs that come from different poultry-based animals. Eggs are capable of providing your body with choline, a substance that is used to help you get your heart controlled to keep the molecules that harm blood vessels down. 

It is true that there are some egg allergies. However, most people outgrow their egg allergies as they become adults. Therefore, you might have an easier time with handling eggs if you are older in age. 

Of course, you can always go along with a plan that only involves egg whites or egg yolks depending on what you want to get out of it. Just make sure that you only work with actual eggs and not egg substitutes. Trimming off the white or yolk parts of eggs should not be all that hard for you to do.


Fruits are not only capable of improving you immune system but are also naturally sweet without any artificial sugars being added. The fruits that you can use include apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes, pineapple, coconuts, figs and many others. 

There are no restrictions on the fruits that you can use either. Now it is true that some of these fruits might have fats in them like bananas. However, they should be easy for the body to use because the fats are organic in nature and should not be as likely to stick within your body as other processed fats that you might have been using before getting into this diet. 

The best thing to do is to eat fruits carefully without going overboard. Fruits work well as a snack but they should not be used as often as vegetables. This may come from the natural sugars that you would be getting out of these fruits. This is in spite of the strong nutrient quantities that you can expect to get out of fruits.


The vegetables that you can use in this diet are able to help you out with improving your body’s ability to use fiber, calcium and other critical nutrients that you need in your diet. 

Leafy vegetables are the most popular options to find. These include cabbage, lettuce, spinach, turnip greens and even mustard greens; and these are must have's in your salad dressing as well. 

Root vegetables are also popular choices. These are vegetables that grow underground. They have been harvested by people for millions of years. Some of the vegetables that you can use here include carrots, radishes, turnips, beets and artichokes among many others.

Even squash can be used among vegetables. This includes winter squash options like butternut and acorn squash but also summer options like zucchini and yellow squash. 

You can use these vegetables in either a cooked or raw form. This can be according to what you might personally prefer.

What About Herbs? 

Herbs may also be used in your diet. These include choices like thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary, sage and dill. They can be used in small amounts to make something a little more enjoyable for your diet. They can naturally add to the flavor of your diet. 

Don’t Forget Spices 

Some of the herbs that can work in the diet can be used as natural spices. In fact, you can use many of these spices to liven up your foods if you feel that they are not enjoyable enough for you. This is important because many of these spices include ones that have been used for generations in many diets. 

The spices that you can use include ginger, garlic, fennel, black pepper, vanilla and nutmeg. The key about these spices is that they have to be naturally occurring and have been prepared in a safe and natural fashion without any additional materials. 

Just be sure that the ones that you do use are controlled carefully. You should not be using spices with excess amounts of sodium in them. Salt and other items that contain sodium will only end up delaying your progress.

What About Water?

You definitely have to use water if you want to go places on this diet. This is needed not only because it is naturally occurring but also because it can remove the old wastes that you have put in your body over the years. 

You clearly have to find water that has been fully treated and cleaned without any salt or sugar ingredients. Pure water is the best way to go. 

It’s particularly helpful to go with a standard plan for handling water. This standard plan should involve working with about six to eight regular glasses of water each day. 

You could also use coconut water or even organic green tea. They are options that have come from nature and could help you out just as well while on your diet. These are completely optional choices to go with but they may still be beneficial to your body.

Can Oils Work?

Oils can be used while you are on the diet as well. You have to clearly focus on oils that are naturally occurring if you want your diet to be successful. Olive, avocado and coconut oils are useful options to work with, for instance.

You should still be very careful when using your oils. You can use them for things like flavorings that can go over cooked meats or even a salad. This should make it easier for the oil to be noticeable without going overboard while using it.

Using Fats Right 

You also need to see what fats you are getting out of these foods. You can work with one of three different types of fats from the right resources:

Saturated fats should be controlled carefully. You can use them with coconut oil but they should be kept at a minimum for your safety.
Some types of animal-based fats can work well only if they are from healthy animals. These include fats like lard and duck fat
Fats from oils can also work well if they are kept at a minimum too. These include olive and avocado oils.

You have to make sure that these fats are used carefully if you want your diet to work out right. This is all to keep things working without adding harmful fats that could potentially keep your diet from being run as well as it should be.

Stick with Clarified Butter

Butter may work on the Paleo diet plan if you are careful with it. It has to be prepared with natural procedures instead of with loads of salt like what some companies have been using in recent years. An idea to choose here would be to work with clarified butter. This is known as ghee in some cultures. 

Clarified butter is milk fat that has been taken from butter and separated to where the water and milk solids are taken out from the butterfat. It can work with a more controlled approach to your diet.

You can easily find clarified butter in containers. However, it can also be made by melting butter and letting its contents separate from each other. This will allow the water in the butter to evaporate while solids on the surface are cleared off as needed. The milk solids will be stuck at the bottom while the butterfat is poured out.